Erotic Poetry and Erotic Photography

My Erotic Stalker

Title: My Erotic Stalker

By: Tori Vega Darby

An erotic fantasy story with Erotic Animated Gifs as illustrations

sexy lawyer fantasy sex with stalker

The Erotic Stalker

He followed me!
It was so freaking creepy!  I just saw him in that sidewalk café clearly purchasing some marijuana from a couple of college age kids and here he is, in my lobby! Ewwwwwww! The only thing more strange and creepy than this dude following me home was the dampness of my panties underneath my dress.  He was so skinny and scruffy. Not my type at all! I usually preferred the company of more dapper gentlemen such as Chad the new partner in our law firm or Blake from The Voice. Meanwhile, here he is staring at me and smiling at me from my lobby.

He knows that I would never date him so he just must want to fuck me and leave.  What kind of low rent whore is he mistaking me for?  I’m calling the police, now!  That’s it asshole, keep smiling at me, just don’t start crying from those sexy blue eyes of yours when these Philadelphia police officers swoop down and give you a proper “Philly ass whipping” as only the world’s most corrupt and violent police force can do. “Yes, operator.. I will hold”.  I cannot stand these fucking police!

WTF!  What did he really think was going to happen?

I’m going to open the door and we would start passionately kissing each other. Swirling around  and around while making my way to my bed; his one hand intimately holding onto my face like my lover while his other hand went under my dress, and slowly fondled my clit through my slickened panties.

Did he think I was going to throw him onto my bed  kissing him. Kissing him wet, slow and sensually, rubbing all over his tight manly chest while he hiked up my dress to reveal my firm round ass-cheeks and thong panties.


Passionate kissing GIF

Kissing my stalker.

I suppose he was planning to rip my dress off of me and sit back for a few seconds to soak it all in. My cute breasts and perky nipples screaming through the material of my $500 Savoir De Carnal bra. My smooth and soft curved hips and ass, straining in the confines of my matching Savoir De Carnal panties. Did he think I was going to slowly remove all of my underwear for him? Really? Did he think I was going to slowly remove my bra and panties so that he could enjoy every inch of my succulent well-toned flesh.  I’ll be he expected me to sit back on the bed naked with my legs spread wide, so that he could see the glistening moistness of my ultra-pink pussy lips crying in anticipation. My pussy so wet, juicy and inviting that he has to roughly pull me over to him because he is so sexually aroused that his balls are aching and he has to quench his ravenous sexual hunger with my lushes and creamy vaginal juices.  So he licks up every drop of me that is slowly oozing out of me. His beard stimulating my thighs as his tongue makes beautiful circular motions around my clit. The bearded man thrusting his tongue deep inside of me like a greedy frat boy eating pussy for the first time; all the while his eyes locked into mine as if his entire world consists of just pleasing me and eating my pussy like a possessed mad man.

Ms. Rappaport is busy getting her pussy eaten out.

Ms. Rappaport is busy getting her pussy eaten out.

Mmmmmm…I’ll wager that he wanted me to flip him over onto his back and engulf his cock with my mouth. Crawled up between his legs like he was my master, “deep throating” his cock I would pleasure him with my mouth like no woman ever has or will be able to do. Allowing it to slide deep inside my throat so I could gag on it a little, with my hands working his saliva coated cock with my tight grip so that every thrust would feel like the wettest, tightest, most insanely mystical feeling slob job his young dumb blue collar working ass ever experienced.

Ms. Rappaport giving bearded stranger a deep throat blow job.

Ms. Rappaport giving bearded stranger a deep throat blow job.

The police still have me on hold. Let me sit down here on this couch for a second and play with my clit a little. I..I..just need to calm down and my clit is throbbing with all of this drama and excitement. It cannot hurt anything. In fact, let me take my panties off real quick and put this phone on speaker while I try and relax with myself.

Oh  yes..yes..yes…this feels much better now. I’m going to stick one finger inside of my pussy and never-mind; I’m going to stick two fingers up inside of me. Yeah, I’ll wager that strange stalker wishes it were his cock in my pussy right now instead of my two fingers.

He’s probably downstairs right now imagining us kissing each other after I just finished sucking his cock and swallowing every drop of it. The taste of my pussy juices still on his tongue and in his beard and mustache as I ride his cock. I can see me as clear as the daylight pouring into my bedroom. Me riding his swollen cock  as I grind and thrust my hips onto his cock , trying my best  to milk his member.  


Ms. Rappaport loves riding her bearded stranger's cock.

Ms. Rappaport loves riding her bearded stranger’s cock.


I would be able to feel his cock getting even harder inside of my greedy and overly saturated pussy. So he would get sex crazed, grab me by neck and plunge his cock up into my vice like vaginal abyss. Our two mouths meeting and melding into one constant stream of a saliva exchanging entity.  

sexy model fucking her sexy stalker

Ms. Rappaport riding the bearded stalking to perfection.

Then he is going to want to flip me over and fuck my pussy hard and long as his balls slap up against my clit. Holding onto my waist and hips so I cannot move and I am forced to absorb every inch of his throbbing cock’s pummeling of my pussy. The only sounds I can hear are my deep moans, his deep breaths, and the “sluishing” side of his granite hard cock massaging my cervix.

Ms. Rappaport being fucked doggy style.

Ms. Rappaport being fucked doggy style.

He is going to want to prove his dominance since I have been in so much control for so long.  So he is going to want to throw me on my back and plunge his cock as deep inside of my pussy as he physically can. He is going to want me to open up my legs super wide so my pussy can accommodate every inch of his cock that he has. Then just when I am at the brink of orgasm, and my toes begin to curl he puts them in his mouth and sucks my toes while I am Cumming.

Ms. Rappaport fantasizing about the Bearded Stranger plunging his cock into her vagina.

Ms. Rappaport fantasizing about the Bearded Stranger plunging his cock into her vagina.

I cannot believe I am actually masturbating to this shit. What the fuck is wrong with me! I am such a total fucking slut! I need one more; mamma needs just one more orgasm.  Since philly’s finest still has me on hold, I’m going to take this other finger and explore my ass-hole with it. Mmmmmmm…fuck yes! These fingers feel so good in my tight and round butt-hole. Besides my bearded lover, he is going to have to want to fuck my ass.

The bearded man can see from this luxury building with my doorman and concierge that I have money. The bearded man can see from my artistically taste-full penthouse that I clearly have a fine education and upbringing.  The bearded man can’t just fuck me and leave me? He’s a rough blue collar worker probably from some ethnically challenged “hood” in Philly like Kensington, Mayfair or Olney. No, my broke little lover will have the need to dominate me, make sure that I know, that I was his bitch. Mmmmm , sweet heaven… he is going to want to dominate and humiliate me. My bearded lover is going to want; no I mean “need” to make me his fucking bitch.

He is going to need to fuck me in my asshole. Put me up on all fours, spread my ass-cheeks wide and slam his cock deep..deep..deep into my bowels.  Feeling my body tense and tighten up the moment he puts his thick veined cock past the outer ring of my anus and expands it painfully and viciously.

The Bearded Stranger enters the ass hole of Ms. Rappaport, and she loves it!

The Bearded Stranger enters the ass hole of Ms. Rappaport, and she loves it!

He is going to feel the need to humiliate me and discipline me because I am rich and he is not. All of his anger and frustrations over his inferior socio-economic status coursing through his body and into his cock as he mercilessly punishes my anus with his blood engorged slab of cock meat. Slapping my ass-cheeks, pulling my hair, biting down on the back of my neck, calling me his bitch, making sure I acknowledge the entire time he is fucking my ass-hole that despite my life of means, right here, right now, in this moment, I am truly just his cum bucket whore ready for him to inseminate my ass-hole with his cum. I will be able to feel his muscles tense as he is barely fucking me anymore and is practically throwing his cock into my gaping ass-hole. He’ll start fucking faster and harder while my battered anus sucks his cock in. Then, just when he cannot take any more of this sexual abomination he is going to look down as his cock disappears into my butt. He is going to clench his teeth, and gush every drop of his semen into my now disfigured ass-hole.  Then wipe his cock clean with the clear juices of my vaginal fluids. 

The bearded Stranger cums inside of Ms. Rappaport.

The bearded Stranger cums inside of Ms. Rappaport.

Ohhh…My…FUCKING……….YES!!!!  YES!!! Oh sweet heaven  YES!!
That was one of my most powerful orgasms ever!
“Oh, yes hi officer. I am sorry to bother you.  No, the wait was fine, it was absolutely perfect to be honest with you. I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic job you guys are doing and I wanted to purchase an entire table at your next event. “

Hi, yes Allesandro, this is Ms. Tori Vega Darby in the penthouse.  Do you see that gentlemen in front of you, in the lobby by the fireplace. Yes, please send him right up to my Penthouse. Thank You Allesandro….

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