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Erotic Poetry XXX

Erotic Poetry

“Just Hold Me”

By Dianphanous Love

Sexxxuelle magazine presents Erotic Poetry XXX

Heaven Or Hell
It’s all Sexxxuelle….


“Kissed with light, I twirl.
Mesmerized, you whirl.
Stop your dancing.
Just hold me.”

Disrobe 4 me

Sexxxuelle Poetry xxx

Photographer: Unknown
Model: Unknown
Poet: Unknown
Submitted anonymously via Tumblr

“Take off your clothes.

Show me.
Show me your edges. I want to see
with my own eyes
where you end and where I begin.
I want to see where I fit,
where you leave off being you…
and turn into me.”

The Gentle Dominant

The Gentle Dominant- An erotic poem between a master and his submissive lover.

Author: Unknow
Photographer: Unknown
Submitted Anonymously

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