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Erotic Poetry XXX

Erotic Poetry

“As She Cums In My Mouth”

By Damali Conceptuals

Sexxxuelle Magazine presents Poetry XXX

Heaven or Hell
It’s all Sexxxuelle


The tantalizing taste of torturing her with my tongue
Told a tale of trial and tribulations
Tantamount to tampering with torrents of time
Tanya’s taunt torso testing my tolerances
My tongue treacherously teasing
Tanya’s toes twitching terribly
As she cums in my mouth

Erotic Poetry XXX

Erotic Poetry

“Just Hold Me”

By Dianphanous Love

Sexxxuelle magazine presents Erotic Poetry XXX

Heaven Or Hell
It’s all Sexxxuelle….


“Kissed with light, I twirl.
Mesmerized, you whirl.
Stop your dancing.
Just hold me.”

Erotic Poetry XXX

Erotic Poetry

“Never Leave:

By Unknown Poet

Erotic Poetry XXX

Never Leave
by Unknown Poet


The soft light
The warmth the whispering
The leaning back and forth
The same questions
The same answers
When you are here
The only thing I can think about
Is how to make sure
You never leave..

Poetry and Photography: Unknown Artists

Erotic Poetry XXX

Erotic Poetry


By Master Shango

Erotic Poetry XXX

Poem: Contrast by Master Shango


Black mamba in striking poise
White feline pumping strokes:
Ejaculation upon her feature
Sensuous loving
Exquisite fucking
Slut pussy dripping
Cum juice staining
Cuck-boi stands at a corner waiting
To join Adam & Eve

By Master Shango
Photograph: Unknown
Models: Unknown


Erotic PoetryXXX

Erotic Poetry

“I need you”

By Vizuella Meinard

Erotic Poetry XXX

Erotic Poetry XXX

by Vizuella Meinard

Photographer: Unknown

Models: Unknown


Earn my lust through my trust

Earn my Lust through my trust- A woman unveils the key to her infinite passions.

Author: Unknown
Photographer: Unknown
Submitted Anonymously