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Hail Ye Afrikkan

Hail Ye Afrikkan

by Damali Conceptuals

Crystallized Darqness
Nude tissues dipped in molten seduction
Female of smoldering flesh
Hail ye Afrikkan

Nipples nurturing more than neonatal cause
Beautiful belly burden more with more than just more babies
I want you to own me
Hail ye Afrikkan

Thickness of lips…buttocks and hips
Panties that strain to contain what is mine
Please feed your starving man with your juices of sexuality
Hail Ye Afrikkan

Erotic Poetry XXX

Erotic Poetry

“Carnal Explorations”

By Tori Vega Darby

Heaven Or Hell  It's all SEXXXUELLE....

Heaven Or Hell


Exploring your body
My left hand Lewis
My right hand Clark
Eyes closed
so that my fingertips can visualize
your nudity unobstructed
The palms of my hands
inhales the scent of your
musk infused sexxxuality
my hands…
paving the way for my tongue to follow